Perfect Binding Glue (hot melt and cold melt)

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We offer padding, cold melt perfect binding, hot melt perfect binding and PUR glues for a variety of machines.

Please review the descriptions below to ensure that you have the right glue for the job.

Please Note: BB Superior, 5.5kg containers may have shipping limitations, please contact for details.


Looking to buy Hot Melt Glue? Please note that when a new glue is introduced into a machine, the glue pot needs to be cleared of any old/existing glue. For more info on how to replace glue, visit our blog.

Padding Glue

StoneCo Padding Glue

Available in a 2 litre container; this proven product is suitable for all types of padding applications

Planatol BB Superior

This dispersion glue is used for manual glue binding of offset or illustration paper, coated stock or cross grain printing to produce brochures, books, catalogues, calendars, magazines etc. Planatol BB Superior can be diluted with up to 10% water for pad gluing.

Planatol FF60 Self Seperating NCR Glue

When gluing NCR sets us this popular NCR glue to bind your sets.

Hot Melt Glue

Vantage Hot Melt Glue

A versatile hot melt glue that will work on the following perfect binding machines. Horizon, Duplo, Rosback, Sulby, Bracket Padmaster,Standard Bindfast 5, Fastbind and all other types!

DigiPro Hot Melt Glue

A versatile hot melt glue specially formulated for use on the Vantage DigiPro Perfect Binder.

HM661 Hot Melt Glue

The HM661 Hot Melt Glue is the perfect solution for printers that use an iGen 3 and 4. iGen printers use a fuser fluid that prevents some hot melt glue solutions from sticking to the print; thus making the stock difficult to bind. The HM661 Hot Melt Glue has been designed to combat the issue and is the recommended glue to be used when perfect binding on iGen stock.

• Maintaining the ambient relative humidity between 45 – 55% RH with paper freshly unwrapped or conditioned for at least 24 hours at this RH level.
• Simplex sheets printed on iGen3 and iGen4 bind perfectly.
• Choosing media and adhesive carefully since they are the most significant factors in binding performance and combinations exist that allow excellent cover adhesion.
• Avoiding perfect binding of iGen3 and iGen4 overprinted, offset pre-printed shells due to insufficient bond strength.


Dural M-837 Hot Melt Glue

This glue has been our MOST successful with certain, digitally printed coated papers and cover stocks. This glue has a mid-set time. It is recommended that the book sit for 2 hours prior to cutting and 24 hours prior to opening the block.

PUR Glue (polyurethane reactive glues)

PUR glues are specifcially for use on PUR designed machines. The key benefits of these glues are that they adhere to the most difficult of stocks and are very pliable with great lay flat qualities. Along with these PUR glues are very temperature resistant as well if shipping product to areas with extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Horizon BQ 160 PUR glue

This glue is designed for use on the Standard Horizon BQ 160PUR Binder. It is sold in 1kg bags.

Morgana DigiBook PUR glue

This glue is designed for use on the Morgana DigiBook Models 150, Morgana DigiBook Model 200, Morgana DigiBook Model 300, Morgana DigiBook Model 450 and it sold in a 2kg bag.

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