EBA 4350 Paper Cutter


The EBA 4350 is a 16.9" cut width semi-automatic guillotine which makes cutting easy and affordable.


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Transparent safety guard

The hinged safety guard has to be closed to unlock the blade lever for the cutting process.

Hand crank

The calibrated hand crank and the measuring tape on the side lay ensure the exact positioning of the backgauge.

Patented EASY-CUT activating bars

A cut can be executed conveniently by means of the patented EASY-CUT blade activating bars, which guarantee a safe two-hand operation.

Optical cutting line

The optical cutting line indicator with especially bright and durable LEDs guarantees easy alignment of cutting marks for precise cuts.

Safe blade change

Safe and convenient blade change without removing covers. Blade changing device covers cutting edge of blade to protect the operator.

Practical tool holder

The practical hook-in tool holder is placed on the back table and keeps all necessary tools for blade change and service jobs within reach.

Model: 4350
Backgauge drive: Manual
Clamp type: Electric
Cut type: Electric
Clamp opening: 2.75”
Cut width: 16.9”
Cut depth: 16.9”
Minimum cut without false clamp: 1.25”
Safety: Lexan guard
Backguage Positioning: Manual”
Electrical: 115v/60Hz/15Amp
Manufacturer: EBA
Custom Stock Status: 3-4 weeks

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