D&K PET Gloss Superstick Adhesive 1.7 MIL, 3" Core - 25" x 500'

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D&K PET Gloss Superstick Adhesive 1.7 MIL, 3" Core - 25" x 500'

D&K PET Gloss Superstick Adhesive 1.7 MIL - 3" core, 25" x 500'

This D&K Gloss SuperStick PET laminating film is manufactured by D & K Group based in Chicago USA.

This film comes with the Super Stick adhesive which is ideal for use on toner based print engines. SuperStick has been validated by Xerox to adhere 15 times better than regular laminating film adhesives.  Super Stick has been validated for use on all DocuColor and iGen models from Xerox. Sydney Stone’s testing has proven that Super-Stick will stick effectively on Ricoh, Canon and Konica Minolta toner based print engines as well. The Super-Stick adhesives works by penetrating through the toner and ink and paper coatings to bind to the paper fibers, this occurs without effecting the look and clarity of images to ensure your print is crisp and consistent.

This Gloss PET film provides a clear and beautiful finish to your printed pieces with scuff and scratch resistance. This PET film provides a tough overlaminate for double sided applications. This PET film is recommended for indoor applications. This top-quality thermal PET film will provide you with a consistent and reliable roll of laminating film with good thermal stability.

This roll of laminating film is 25” wide and 500 feet long, on a 3” core.

Special features

  • D&K PET Gloss SuperStick laminating film is a copolymer film that is economical and effective on a wide range of print types with a luxurious finish
  • Excellent scuff/ scratch resistance
  • Good thermal stability
  • Digital adhesive laminating film will adhere to all digital prints

Typical applications

  • D&K Gloss PET laminating film is suitable for double side applications.
  • Recommended for indoor applications
  • Suitable applications include menus, maps, posters etc.
Colour: Gloss
Length: 500 feet
Manufacturer: D&K
Pitch: 3\ core
Sheet Capacity: 5 sheets
Size: 25\
Type: PET

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