Cut by Numbers

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Cut by Numbers is an elaborate, yet very simple for operators, solution designed to guide you through the cutting process. With a wide range of expertly designed templates, including business cards, greeting cards, and post cards- it allows the person behind the cutting machine, to create and cut documents easily and efficiently using their  programmable EBA paper cutters, Triumph paper cutters, Challenge paper cutters, Mohr and other programmable paper cutters.

With easy to follow numbers on the templates, you will have your project completed accurately in no time.

If you are new to your programmable cutter, or you have new employees to train, this program is for you.

Confidently train yourself and your staff to use best practices AND process control to ensure accurate and consistent cutting.

Key Benefits:

Limit costly errors when cutting paper
Cut jobs faster
Learn and cut using industry best practices
No annual membership
No specialized modules required
Just a one time purchase and you are all setup with all the templates currently available and any more that we create in the future



Cut by Numbers works in 3 easy steps:

1. Drop your image into one of our expertly designed standard job PDF templates

2. Print your file

3. Follow the program steps ( includes video tutorials to follow along with the cutting process on the mobile devices.) After completing this a couple of times the printed templates will be sufficient guidance.

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