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We have a wide variety of options for covers and backing sheets. If you don't see what you are looking for do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-668-6055 or email

All covers/ backing sheets are priced and packed per 100 sheets. EXCEPT for the 16 mil black poly and 16 mil leather emboss which is priced and packed per 50 sheets.

Covers are offered in 8.5" x 11, 8.5" x 14 and 9" x 11" (Index allowance for use with tabs)

Complete Collection: With over 20 existing embosses, you will always find the best option for all your binding needs. Choose from a traditional opaque, a modern translucent, or an outstanding special effect design. Ask us for new developments or custom embosses.

Rainbow of Colors: Over 70 standard colors to choose from, including clear, tinted, opaque, metallic, neon, pearl, and marble. Custom colors also available upon request.

Printable: Easy to print by hot foil stamping, engraving and screen printing, using PP inks. Also available with corona treatment for offset printing.

Sturdy & Durable: 1) Rigid executive look and feel. 2) Water-Proof. 3) Tear-Resistant.

Temperature Resistant: Our polycover will not deform or crystallize even when exposed to extreme temperatures (3.2 to 250°F).

Environmentally friendly: 1) Non-Toxic. When incinerated, it does not contaminate the environment. 2) Odorless. 3) 100% recyclable. 4) Helps protect a green earth by avoiding the chopping of more trees.

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