Count PerfMaster Air V3

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Version 3 of the COUNT™ PerfMaster Air is a simple-to-use vacuum-feed perforating and scoring solution that gets the job done quickly. The built-in register guide draws the paper against a side rail to ensure accurate registration of each sheet. You can easily set up for a wide range of paper stocks, and switch from perforating to scoring in seconds. You have 5 different interchangeable perf wheels available, including standard and microperf options.


- Built in stand with wheels makes for easy mobility.
- Quickly change from perforating to scoring in just seconds.
- 18″ wide paper feed capacity.
- Easy to set perf and score depth control.
- Capable of feeding single sheets, coated, multi-part open and glued edged stocks.
- Paper stops on the receiving tray can be easily adjusted to accommodate the size of the paper.
- Guide rails on the paper feed table are easily adjustable for various paper sizes.
- No need to fan the paper before feeding it through the machine.
- Bottom vacuum feed and dial controlled speed adjustment allow for easy sheet spacing control.
- Metal paper guide keeps paper flat on the receiving tray.

Electrical: 110v / 15Amp

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