11 mm x 12" (4:1) Clear Plastic Coil - Pack of 100

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This 11 mm clear plastic coil manufactured to a very stringent tolerance and priced per box of 100 coil. This 12” long coil is perfect for binding a book spine that is 11” long.


This 12” long 11 mm diameter clear spiral binding coil is designed for use in any 4:1 pitch spiral coil binding machine. Our coil is made from high quality PVC plastic and offers a secure high quality and professionally bound book while binding documents up to 2” thick.

Plastic Coil is a continuous plastic biding that winds through small holes punched in your book. Up to 55 holes per 11" spine length gives it an unbeatable strength. The soft plastic makes the coil indestructible because it will bend but never crack. Other unique features are that books lay flat, stay flat and turn a full 360 degrees

These coils are clear but we also offer white and black in sizes up to 50 mm in diameter as regular stocked inventory. Larger diameters and a wide range of other colours including PMS colour matching are available on request.

How to choose the right coil

The rule of thumb when selecting your coil is to measure your book thickness and for books that are under 20mm thick pick a coil 2mm larger in diameter than the book thickness. For example, if your books measures 4mm thick with the cover, then the 6mm coil would be best suited. For books that measure over 20mm thick it is best to add 3mm to the book size. For example, if you book measures 22mm thick with the cover, then a 25mm coil would be best suited.

These coils are 12” long but we also offer 36” coil should you need to perform books with longer spines or with custom spine lengths.

Colour: Clear
Custom Stock Status: Ships Immediately
Length: 12\
Pitch: 4:1
Sheet Capacity: 90 sheets
Size: 11 mm
Type: Platic Coil

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