Deluxe M7 Stitcher


The Deluxe M7 Stitcher offers great value for flat or saddle stitching up to 7/8"

The Deluxe M7 Stitcher with 26D Head...

Redesigned for the 21st century, the M7 has a stitching capacity of 7/8" (22mm) and can accommodate eight different wire sizes by only changing the clincher points.

Crown Size/ Capacity

    •  9/16" (14mm)

    •  Two sheets to 7/8" (22mm)


    •  Up to 180 stitches per minute

    •  Single head

Wire Capacity

    •  3-28 Round and 20 x 24, 20 x 25, 21 x 25 and 19 x 21 1/2 Flat

Why buy? For business owners

This compact stitcher offers a great value with high capacity and abilty to flat and saddle stitch a wide variety of sizes and stocks.

Why buy? For operators
Deluxe equipment offers modern safety features not found on other stitchers on the market, with all components covered and enclosed the unit is very safe while at the same time being very easy to use.
Colour: Putty
Custom Stock Status: Ships 7-10 days
Electrical: 115V / 60 Hz

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