Blade Change Programs



A Sydney Stone blade change program offers you the comfort in knowing that your blade will be changed on a regular frequency and by a trained professional.

Protect your employees and your assets by using our trained technical services team to perform your blade changes!

Please see below full details on our blade change program.

The Sydney Stone blade change programs offer you the most value for money in the industry we offer four (4) programs of varying frequency based so that you can choose based on what is best for your business.

Please see here what is included with our blade change programs:

- Remove dull knife and replace with sharp knife

- Squaring and recalibration ofthe back gauge

- Lubrication of the cutter

- Setup of cutting machine to accept sharpened knife

- Rotation/ Replacement of cutting stick

- Sharpening of dull knife in readiness for next scheduled change

- Storage of your shaprned knife until next change

- Transportation to and from your site


Models supported for blade change program:

- All models of Triumph, Ideal paper cutters

- All models of EBA paper cutters

- All models of Challenge paper cutters

- All models of Martin Yale paper cutters

- Some models of Polar Paper Cutters


In order to start the progam you need to have 2 sharp blades and the necessary blade change tools for your paper cutter. If you need your blades shapened please contact us and we can arrange sharpening with you. You will be contacted by our Sydney Stone service team to confirm the make and model of your paper cutter.

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