Should I invest in a Digital Booklet Maker? - Printfinishing

Outsourcing printing and booklet making is a costly and long-winded project- especially if you are producing printed booklets regularly. Here are three reasons why:

1. Save time: Are you happy creating unprofessional looking booklets by hand? Do you have enough time on hand and a stapler that doesn't tire you? If you answered yes, you can skip reading this blog. But, if you are looking to save time and increase productivity of yourself, and your employees- you shouldn't be looking for "if you should buy a booklet maker" but "which one?" There are machines in the market that can process hundreds of documents per hour, and some that can even bind more than 2000 booklets in the same amount of time.

2. User-friendly and versatile: Our newest range of booklet makers are so well designed that they are the easiest piece of print finishing equipment to use. One simple touch screen interface with lots of power allows you to create a professional looking booklet conveniently and easily. There are many booklet makers we carry, that can handle very little, to highly complex jobs. They can handle different sizes, finish and thickness of paper.

3. Increased production control: There is nothing more frustrating than the lack of control over the quality of the finished work from another supplier. The freedom that comes with owning an in-house booklet maker, is priceless. When outsourcing your booklets, there are many factors to keep in mind- minimum order amount, precisely drawn up documents, no margin of error. Then there’s back and forth with the printer/producer – who you can only hope has got it right. Owning a booklet maker gives you control over your projects, and you can create professional booklets conveniently - saving you both time and money.

Recently, we installed 2 x Morgana AF 350 Booklet Making Systems at one of our clients' warehouse. They have been producing large volume of digitally printed transaction books, and owning a booklet maker has allowed them to make sizable savings and given them more control over their productions.  

The Morgana AF 350 system allows them to produce booklets with up to 35 flat sheets. Its square back technology makes for a flat finishing for a professional, perfect bound book for easier packaging. The system is packed with a host of unique technologies that deliver finished books with quality to match today’s printing systems.

This system includes dual bin sheet feeder with a total of 21 inches of paper capacity. The client now has the option to either use both bins, one with the covers and one with interior sheets - or use one bin an link them together for continuous feeding for applications such as self cover work (or covers within 100 gsm).

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