Replacing the glue in your prefect binder is wise to do from time to time.

When the glue starts to change its normal colour or texture and also if you are finding that the glue pot had lots of burned on debris in it.

Importantly also if you are looking to use a different glue because a) your current glue is not adhering well b) you want a different glue colour we recommend you follow the same procedures of doing a complete drain out and replacement of glue.

What you need to replace your glue:

  • Tool to remove glue pot plug (these vary from one manufacturer to the next, check your manual to confirm)
  • A drain box to drain the glue into, we recommend coating the box with a sheet of card stock
  • Parafin wax
  • Drain chute (depending on your model, if not available you can “fashion” one out of card stock so that the glue will travel to the waste box)
Instructions on glue replacement:

  1. Turn on your perfect binder and bring the glue fully up to temperature. Make sure that glue has melted before you replace it
  2. Install your drain box / chut under the glue pot (position depends on the manufacturer/ model)
  3. When up to temperature, and glue has fully melted- turn off the machine
  4. Remove the drain plug and let the warmed up glue drain down, you may find it helpful to assist from the top
  5. If you are finding very gummy and difficult to remove glue you can add in some paraffin wax to increase the viscosity and loosen the glue up
  6. Drain out as much glue as possible (excessive debris or damaged glue can limit the ability of your perfect binder to heat glue evenly and consistently)
  7. Re-insert the perfect binder drain plug and remove any excess glue that might be around the drain hole.
  8. Top up the glue in the binder
  9. Turn on your perfect binder and while the glue is warming gradually keep adding glue to maximum line