Demo Model Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 33A

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The Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 33A is a fully automatic suction feeding creasing system designed for use with both conventional litho and digital printers. The feed on the AutoCreaser Pro 33A can also be manually operated for use with heavy stock, very small or very large sheets, embossed or even irregular sheets. The crease is programmed from the leading edge of the sheet using the controls on the front panel. The blade and anvil are mechanically controlled over their entire length and can be adjusted to accommodate various weights of media.
The AutoCreaser PRO 33A features...

   •  8,500 letter size sheets an hour

   •  7" SmartScreen for intuitive setup and operation

   •  Rule and matrix creasing method eliminates cracking

   • Long length and cross perforation

   • Optional cross and part perforation kit

   •  Crease up to 400 GSM (120lb. cover)

   •  Up to 16 creases in one pass

   •  Up to 25.5" x 13" sheet size

   •  9 custom programmable applications

   •  Digital set up with heads up display

   •  Heavy duty high capacity operation

   •  Load on the run

Typical Applications

   •  Greeting cards

   •  Brochures

   •  Flyers

   •  Booklet covers

Why buy? For business owners

The Morgana AutoCreaser is a high capacity high speed creasing machine that will live up to even the highest production volumes. With a head up display  operators will be able to setup the dimensions required for creasing in seconds, from there the high capacity feeder can be loaded - press the start buttons and watch the AutoCreaser run at 8,500 sheets per hour. 

These units have a very high resale value as they last a long long time. The AutoCreaser was introduced in 2001 and this, the latest version, continues the trend of being the worlds most popular, effective and productive automatic creasing machine. While finishing equipment tends not to get as much praise as printing equipment, we are frequently told that the Morgana AutoCreaser is the best piece of equipment in the print shop.

Why buy? For the operator
This is a great unit for operators, with the 7" SmartScree setup is quick and the effective feeding system this unit will finish your projects in no time at all allowing for more time to be spent on other finishing processes or on finishing other jobs.
Colour: Grey
Custom Stock Status: Ships Immediately
Electrical: 220v60hz
Manufacturer: Morgana

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