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Our instaFoil now available in 9 colours including - Gold, Silver, Gloss, Copper, Rose Gold, Red, Matte Gold, Medium Blue, Dark Blue are the perfect way to enhance your printed work. These special effects are visually impressive, elegant and at the same time protect your pieces. Most importantly, they add enormous value for your clients.

Our instaFoil will adhere to where your toner is printed on the sheet, which can be either the entire sheet or in a specific spot where you have printed an image. They can be applied to one or both sides of a sheet.

In order to utilize our instaFoil as an effect we create a seperating layer using OPP SoftTouch laminating film. See below for complete details on how to apply and use this effect.

This product requires a laminator to be applied - we recommend that you test the product with your print engine and paper stocks prior to commiting the effect to a customer. We offer 20' sample rolls as an inexpensive way to test instaFoil with your environment.

Please note, the rolls are mounted on a 3" core.

4 Steps to Apply Professional spot foil and spot gloss coatings using instaFoil

Step 1 - Print your image on a card stock sheet of paper (not including the image to be instaFoiled)

Step 2- Laminate your sheet using Sydney Stone SoftTouch OPP laminating film

Step 3 - Print the image on top of the laminate that you would like to be instaFoiled

Step 4 - Install instaFoil to your laminator as you would normally install laminating film. Ensure the silver/ gold/ gloss will be applied facing up on the sheet so the foils will transfer appropriately. (see speed/ temp chart below for settings recommendations)

Laminators have various diffrences in pressure, speed and heat. See below for specifiations based on common laminators. Ensure that the foil is webbed so the colour you want to fiish on top of the sheet (such as silver, etc.) is facing upward. Process your sheet as you use the take up roller on your laminator to take up the release liner for the instaFoil.

Speed and Temperature Specifiations

Metal Cylinder (Matrix)

Temperature: 120-130 degrees

Speed: 6 feet per minute

Pressure: Turn to lower but no lock down engagement of the infeed drive roller

Hot Rubber Rollers

Temperature: 240-260 degrees for top roller, 110 degrees for lower roller

Speed: 1

Pressure: Roller pressure at paper setting

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to laminate?

We laminate in order to create the separation of the image. If we did not laminate, our instaFoil will adhere to all of the toner on the sheet. If we print the base layer first, then laminate and then print the items we want the foil effect on the foil will adhere only to these elements.

What if the foil is spreading all over the sheet?

If this is happening, you either need to reduce your temperature, increase your speed or reduce your roller pressure.

What about my yellow security code?

If you print in colour, you will have your yellow security code printed on the sheet and the foil will adhere to it. Confim with your location technician, however, when you print with 100% black this this feature should be automatically disabled. This is why it’s important to make your black in 100% black – not a mixture of CMYK.

What is the DigitalFoil made from?

This is a Sydney Stone propriety product that’s been sourced specifially for this application. It is tested to work with all toner based digital print engines, regardless of the manufacturer.

Can I use this on any paper stock?

Card stocks is best. We recommend the process of laminating with SoftTouch, then over printing for best results. However depending on the laminator that you are using and the paper that you print on you may be able to foil directly to toner on paper. Ask us for more information on this..

Custom Stock Status: Ships Immediately
Pitch: 3\ core
Sheet Capacity: 10 sheets
Type: Foil

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