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Duplo redefined the word automatic with the introduction of the System 5000 Collating and Bookletmaking System, the first finishing machine to deliver cutting edge technology at unprecedented speeds of up to 5,000 booklets and 9,800 collated sets per hour. This system includes 2 x DC 10/60 towers, DBM 500, and DBM 500T with 54" delivery to process sheets up to 14" x 20".

The System 5000 Features...

The System 5000 is a high volume powerful collating and booklet making system designed to cope with fast turnaround work as well as it can with longer run production. This is a true high end system able to cope with whatever task is required of it. However, the level of automation incorporated into the System 5000 means that moving from one job to another takes a matter of seconds no matter how sophisticated that product. Intelligent feeder control of the collator allows the System 5000 to become a variable data finishing line for true added value production.


   •  System 5000 quoted above includes, 2 x DC 10/60 tower, LUL-HM, DBM 500 Bookletmaker, DBM 500T Face Trimmer with 54" delivery and batch kicker.

   •  5,000 8 1/2" x 11" booklets an hour

   •  13 programmable memory positions

   •  Up to 60 collating bins, 2.5" capacity

   •  Hand feed for covers or pre-collated sections

   •  Suction feed with air management system copes with tricky papers

   •  Jogger delivers collated sections up to 10,000 letter size sets/hour

   •  Jogger for delivering sections for different finishing options (optional)

   •  Options - Up to 6 x DC 10/60 towers, Three knife trimmer, Loop stapling, Square Press, 4 Hohner heads and more

   •  Easy to follow touch screen control

   •  Block mode allows continuous production for non stop production

Typical Applications

   •  Booklets up to 100 pages

   •  Reports

   •  Manuals

   •  Product brochures

   •  NCR sets

   •  Marketing material 

Why buy? For business owners

The System 5000 is a highly versatile finishing system able to offer straightforward booklet product, fast change over from one job to another and also to adapt as needs change in the future. It can collate and stitch up to a 100-page magazine with a true three knife trim finish. Intelligent feeding on the collator allows the system to assemble customised reports and similar products according to information accessed from a bar code added at the prepress stage. The System 5000 is upgradeable with extra stitching heads and has the speed to produce 5,000 A5 booklets an hour.

Why buy? For operators

The touch screen panel guides an unskilled operator through set up and operation of the System 5000. The large capacity bins and reliable suction feeding system allow the unit to run unattended, with doubles or mis-feeds automatically ejected into a reject bin. The feeding system can cope with both litho and digitally printed sheets. The bookletmaking unit has 12 memory positions, making job changeover a push-button affair.

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Manufacturer: Duplo

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