Duplo DSC 10/20 - Collating Tower A with LUL-HM


DC 10/60 Collator: Downtime is dramatically reduced as double and misfeeds are diverted into a unique reject tray without stopping or interrupting production. It has the largest bin capacity in its class and eliminates the need for constant reloading.


The DC 10/60 PRO

The high-speed System 5000 collators, expandable up to 60 bins, deliver superior performance while maintaining complete accuracy.


   •  5,000 8 1/2" x 11" booklets an hour

   •  13 programmable memory positions

   •  Up to 60 collating bins, 2.5" capacity

   •  Two individual, adjustable fans deliver the same amount of air and vacuum per bin.

   •  Easy to follow touch screen control

   •  Vacuum belt feed system with 40 square inches of contact area for accurate and consistent feeding.

   •  Each tower can feed in both directions giving it the fl exibility to make booklets or serve as a collator.

   •  Immediately and accurately detects double and misfeeds.

Typical Applications

   •  Number of Bins 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60

   •  Paper Size (Min./Max.) 4.72” x 5.52” to 14” x 20”

   •  Paper Weight 11 lb. to 12-pt. cover

   •  Collating - up to 10,000 sets per hour*

   •  Dimensions (LxWxH) 25” x 30” x 78”; 49” x 30” x 78” when connected to the lift unit

   •  Other Features 5-digit display (ascending and descending); twin conveyor vertical paper transport; auto calibration; left or right exit selection; automatic bin selection; 4-step overlap controls; multi-step speed adjustment; block mode (1/2-block, 1/3-block, 1/4-block functions); interleaving sheet insertion; reject tray (right and left); hand-marry unit

   •  Connecting Devices DBM-500 Bookletmaker, DBM-400 Bookletmaker, DBM-300 Bookletmaker, DBM-120 Bookletmaker, DC-8000ST Rear Stacker, DC-12JR Rear Jogger, DBM-400STR Right Stacker, DBM-400STL Left Stacker

   •  Options Document Integrity System (Barcode Scanners), Intelligent Multi-bin Feeding System

Why buy? For operators

The touch screen panel guides an unskilled operator through set up and operation of the System 5000. The large capacity bins and reliable suction feeding system allow the unit to run unattended, with doubles or mis-feeds automatically ejected into a reject bin. The feeding system can cope with both litho and digitally printed sheets.

Custom Stock Status: Ships Immediately
Electrical: 120V 60Hz 9.5A
Manufacturer: Duplo

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