Roll Laminating Basic types, Hot & Cold (Heat-Assist)

There are a couple types of roll laminator. Here we discuss the various options.


   •   Thermal (Hot) laminates are low cost compared to Pressure-Sensitive (Cold).


   •   Thermal laminates should only be used on paper graphics for indoor use.


   •   Wide-format inkjet is fragile and requires copolymer lowmelt thermal film.


   •   Thermal laminating is usually 2-sided (encapsulation) using PET film.


   •   Single-side thermal laminating requires a laminator with a De-Curl device and specialty films such as OPP or Nylon.


   •   Outdoor graphics & signs should be printed on vinyl and laminated Cold.


   •   Most Cold laminates contain additional UV protection for outdoor use.


   •   Cold laminating is usually single-side only.


   •   Heat-Assist is Cold laminating using low heat to a maximum of 40C/120F.


   •   Heat-assist is only recommended on thicker and more rigid type laminates.