Morgana Buyer's Guide - Creasing & Folders


Sydney Stone is proud to sell, service and support the full range of Morgana finishing systems. Morgana has established a global reputation as a leader and innovator in the development of systems specifically designed to finish digitally printed output. Breakthrough products like the DocuCrease, AutoCreaser and AutoFold all underline Morgana’s claim to be the number one in digital print finishing. Since 1988, Sydney Stone has provided Morgana equipment and  service back-up that helps digital printers  streamline their finishing operations.

DocuCrease Manual Creaser



The most popular hand operated creaser on the market. Available in both 14” and 20.5” widths and with a 1.6 mm crease width, the DocuCrease has the ability to crease substrates as thick as 350 GSM. Adjustable speed stops allow multiple creases on a single sheet to be performed quickly and accurately.


ElectroCreaserELECTROCREASER 36 & 52

Available in both 14” and 20.5” widths, this foot pedal operated machine increases the speed of production. As an added feature, with the turn of a dial the crease width is adjustable from a 1.2 mm wide crease (for texts weights stock under 150 GSM) to the wider 1.6 mm crease for substrates as thick as 350 GSM .



Fully automatic after feeding, the hand feed DigiCreaser offers all the advantages of the fully automatic AutoCreaser Pro, but at a lower price point. The easy to use heads up display allows programming of a creasing job (up to  9 creases on a single sheet) and stores up to 6 programs. 




The new Morgana AutoCreaser Pro is available in either a 13” wide (AutoCreaser Pro 33) or 20” wide (AutoCreaser Pro 50) model. Easy to use, the intuitive 7” touch-screen  controls all the main functions. Key-in the sheet length (popular sizes are already pre-set), select the fold type for the finished product (letter, gate, etc) and press the green button. Both AutoCreaser Pros will automatically calculate where the creases are needed and set them accordingly.

AutoCreaser Pro


Sydney Stone launched the Morgana Major folder in 2003 and its impact was immediate as printers recognized the stride forward in folding technology. Gone are the ear splitting noise and trickiness of settings associated with traditional folder designs. Gone are the multitude of wire connections and the countless feet of air hoses. Gone are the needs for “add-on” batch counters and sound hoods. In their place is the latest folding technology which is smooth, quiet and controlled.  The evolution continues with the introduction of the new Morgana Docufold Pro with its sophistication, simple operation and capabilities of folding short or long runs on both digital and offset stock.



The new Docufold Pro combines the powerful folding capabilities of the Morgana Major. Equipped with the latest “SmartScreen” technology, it enables an operator with minimum training to carry out a variety of folds from an icon driven touch-screen. Simply enter the sheet size and fold type on the screen and the machine automatically adjusts the fold plates.


Major Air Feed FolderMAJOR FOLDER

Fully enclosed fold plates with “dial-a-fold” and LED display makes the  Major easy to set-up. Powerful pulsed rotary suction drum is superior at feeding digital stocks which contain high amounts of static and curl. Batching and counting along with perforation and scoring are included as standard features.



The DigiFold Pro and AutoFold Pro both use Morgana’s patented “flying knife” technology. This allows delicate digital stocks, cross-grained materials and heavy weight stocks to be folded without any of the scratching and marking caused with conventional folders.


With a 7” SmartScreen setup and operation over 6,000 sheets per hour, the AutoFold Pro is a true  productivity gain. For customers who own a flat sheet creaser already, the Autofold Pro is a free standing fully automatic knife folder . Add this Morgana AutoFold Pro to the back-end of any Morgana AutoCreaser to produce a knife folded perfectly flat, scratch and crack free piece in-line. The AutoFold Pro can also be aligned to any Manufacturer’s creaser to give perfectly folded results on a wide range of both digital or offset stocks. 


The Digifold Pro is a fully automatic combination creasing and folding machine, designed specifically  for the digital or offset printer who has a need to crease and fold digitally printed, heavy weight or cross grained stock. The DigiFold Pro can be used as: an integrated creaser and folder (performing both functions in a single pass), as a stand along creaser or as a perforator when creasing and folding are not required. Controlled by the same innovative 7” SmartScreen panel as the rest of PRO range, the DigiFold Pro is instructed how long the sheet is and which crease / fold to produce.