MBM Simplimatic Product Review

The MBM Simplimatic Manual tabletop folder offers a compact size with ability to fold up to 8.5” x 14” paper at a reasonable speed of 8,400 sheets per hour. This small table top folder is a great fit for churches or offices to fold invoices, hymn sheets or other work printed on a bond traditional paper stocks.  This folder is able to produce half folds, letter folds and z-folds as an added bonus you are able to manually feed a stapled set of up to 3 sheets.



  1. Setup - an interesting dual dial design offers a fairly easy way to setup the fold positions.
  2. Size - with a stacking delivery and compact square design the folder can be stored as a compact unit when not in use.
  3. Stapled sets - Manually feed up to 3 stapled sheet to be folded. Very few folders offer this option and it can be useful in certain applications.



  1. Single roller feeder - the friction feeder means you will find the folder unable to fold coated stocks, especially those printed digitally with lots of static. We tested the unit with silk paper (not printed) and it fed very well. That said this is truly designed for bond paper stock primarily.
  2. Fold quality - this is a relative term, the consistency of the fold off of this machine is right in line with the price point and competitors at this range. That said it will not be good enough to produce commercially saleable product on a consistent basis.



A compact and effective folder ideal for the small business or church that is looking to fold invoices of small but regular quantities of invoices or brochures or hymn sheets for internal use. Providing you are using an 8.5” x 11” or 8.5” x 14” sheet of bond paper the MBM Simplimatic may be the right folder for you.