MBM 207M Product Review

Uchida, Horizon and Duplo represent the big three manufacturers of table top folding machines this MBM 207M Manual Tabletop folder offers a three roller friction feed system that is very reliable and consistent.  We setup the fold plates using a scale on the fold plate itself, icons on the plate show us where it should be placed based on the type of fold we are looking to achieve. This folder is the entry level of the mid volume table-top folder market. A well built machine with manually setup fold plates and the same feeding system as the larger 307A and 407A folders.



  1. Feeder - we were able to feed the full range of paper stocks up to and including the 80lb. maximum rated paper weight and we were never turned away. We were able to cross fold text weight stock for completion of 11 x 17 sheets to be inserted to a #10 envelope.
  2. Ease of use - a counter with batch and total functions and a test button so you can feed in 2 sheets to check and ensure the fold is accurate this folder is easy to use.
  3. Quick setup – It is not automated but some find that if you frequently use this folder you may be able to set it up faster than the automated folders that use a motor to move the fold plates from position to position.
  4. Speed - the speed based on the comparable machines available at the price and feature point is quite quick. Operating at 10,500 sheets per hour, the incremental speed gain may not be it is certainly a noticeable difference.
  5. Perforating /scoring - we understand that we are discussing a folder here  but the added capability of perforating and scoring on the unit increases the amount of work that can be completed. This optional unit sets up easily and is somewhat limited in the setup of the perforator however for your standard basic perforating the rotary serrated blade it is very effective. The scoring will not eliminate cracking on digital toner but does a nice job scoring where there may not be toner on the spine to create a good fold point on the card. At over $1,000 this option is not in-expensive however does cost much less than purchasing a separate automatically fed perforator.



  1. Noise - the non enclosed fold plates cause an increased operating sound. Function is still the same but some small offices may not like the level of noise from the paper hitting the fold stop.
  2. Fold plate setup- the fold plates are set manually to positions on a scale, we find the automatic fold plates on the MBM 307A, MBM 407A, Duplo DF 915 and Duplo DF 920 to be easier to setup.



This manual friction feed folder is a good fit for the copy centre or office environment where the budget limits looking towards the automated machines and where the noise of the fold plates is not a factor. This reliable MBM 207M Paper folder is reliable and offers great value, it may be the right folder for you.