EBA 436E Product Review

The EBA 436E paper cutter is a 16.9” width paper cutter with two button electrical cut capable of cutting up to 1.5” of paper stock. A friction clamp holds the stock in-place while the digital readout on the front control panel shows the exact backguage position. An optical cutting line is also a standard feature.



  1. Footprint - a compact machine with a footprint only slightly larger than the maximum sheet size. The optional stand provides the unit at the perfect cutting height.
  2. Safety - like the larger cutters from EBA the 436E has the Safety Cutting System and offers complete comfort for operators and business owners to know that they can use the system safely.
  3. LED Readout / Cut light - the LED cut light shows where the knife will strike the paper and the LED backguage readout shows accurately the backgauge position.
  4. Clamp - the manual clamp on this small cutter is a welcome option compared to your basic office range paper cutters. It is not powerful enough to clamp down on a full pile of bond or text weight paper. If cutting laminated or heavy card stock you may need to use smaller pile heights
  5. Reliability - this product line has been manufactured in Germany for generations and offers the utmost in reliability and support. The units are designed, manufactured and assembled in Balingen Germany.



  1. Backgauge dial - we understand that this is a manually operated backgauge with LED readout but moving the backguage from 2” to 15” does take a lot of winding of the backguage. If you were doing this constantly it would easily become tedious.
  2. Size - this table top paper cutter (stand or cabinet sold as option) is not able to cut a 12” x 18” down to an 11” x 17” sheet, and in general cutting down a 12” x 18” sheets is not that easy unless you are cutting it in half first simply based on the 16.9” cutting width.



The EBA 436E paper cutter offers a big step up on power paper cutting, instead of using an office level paper cutter this power cutter will easily cut down a variety of different jobs daily. The friction clamp and push button cut is a welcome feature over hand lever paper cutters. Be sure to double check that you do not need to cut 12 x 18 sheets down to 11 x 17 prior to purchasing as this is the only major limitation on the EBA 436E. The EBA 436E may be the right automatic paper cutter for you.