Duplo Buyer's Guide - Booletmakers

Sydney Stone is proud to sell, service and support the full range of Duplo on-demand finishing systems. Duplo is the leader in providing innovative collating and bookletmaking equipment, their systems can be configured or upgraded to your specific production requirements. Sydney Stone will be with you every step of the way. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff will identify the most productive combination of Duplo bookletmaking equipment necessary to meet your every demand.


Our factory trained service staff will then ensure your operators are fully trained and will provide the on-going service and support you will need in order to be competitive. Avoiding downtime on your Duplo finishing equipment is just a phone call away. Sydney Stone offers preventative maintenance contracts, designed to prevent costly downtime and reduce worry. From sales to service, when it comes to Duplo bookletmaking equipment, Sydney Stone gives meaning to expertise.



The System 5000 is the first and only true automatic finishing machine that delivers cutting edge technology and unprecedented speeds of up to 5000 booklets per hour. The heavy duty System 5000 demonstrates superb versatility with its ability to feed up to 12 point cover and sheets sizes up to 14x20 inches. Fully loaded with a wide range of first-rate features and push button set-up, make the System 5000
Bookletmaker the world’s easiest to use stitcher/folder. The System 5000 Bookletmaker Trimmer is the only combination in the industry that can handle a complete change over without any manual adjustments.
The modular design allows the System 5000 to be configured exactly to the user's needs.



It’s the number one seller at Sydney Stone for the last five years. As a standalone book- letmaker, the DBM 120 is easy to operate with one touch automated setup of standard sheets sizes and memory for custom book- let sizes. The DBM 120 can be upgraded at anytime from a hand-feed machine to either the industry leading DC 10/ 60 Air or DFC 12 Friction Feed Collator Tow- ers, as well as an affordable face trimmer.



This unique system uses the DBM 120 and 120T Face Trimmer, along with the heavy duty DC 10/60 Suction Collator. Afford- able and easy to run and with up to 2400 sets per hour, the bookletmaker and face trimmer can also be hand-fed indepen- dently from the collator with pre-collated booklets from a digital print device, mak- ing this the ideal choice of many of to- day’s commercial mixed media printers.



Designed for the printer with mid-range production requirements, the System 3500 Collating and Bookletmaking system in- corporates up to two high speed DC 10/60 Pro Suction Feed Collators in-line with the fully automatic DBM 350 Bookletmaker and Trimmer. Available at a competitive price the System 3500 allows printing departments and commercial printers to bring their finishing operations in-house.



Unlike any other collator on the market, the Duplo DC 10/60 Pro has a bin size of 2.6” and each collator bin maintains separate fans for air separation and vacuum. This allows the feeding of different stocks without the necessary constant adjustment seen on single pump machines offered by the com- petition. Downtime is now dramatically reduced as a special book block function allows continuous, on-the-fly reloading while the other towers are in operation. The Duplo DC 10/60 Pro is the only suc- tion collator on the market to give you total control.



The DSF 2000 feeds up to 200 sheets per minute directly into the ver- satile DBM 120 S/S Bookletmaker and DBM 120T Face Trimmer. A sheet counter, end of set mark recognition or optional bar code reader, controls the amount of sheets per set. Combining the advantages of both in line and off line finishing solutions the DSF 5000 and DSF 2000 sheet by sheet feeding systems are designed to serve the growing need of finishing digital print on-demand documents.


Designed to completely finish full bleed booklets in one pass, the DSF-3500 Bookletmaking System is the ideal slit/crease/fold/trim near-line solution. It combines the slitting and creasing features of the DC-445 Creaser with the stitch, fold and trim features of the DBM-350 Bookletmaker to create high quality booklets without the time-consuming set-ups that are common in traditional binding. It can also convert a straight stack of pre-collated output from a pro- duction digital colour press into fully finished, full bleed booklets.