Folding coated paper versus Folding Uncoated Paper

Folding coated stock is done best with an air feed folder (see our article on air vs. Friction Feed Folders) as coated stocks have a shiny coating on them that can either be on one side (C1S) or both sides (C2S).


Using a friction feed folder with coated paper can be similar to driving a car on ice, spinning insead of gaining traction to feed the sheets consistently. Air feed folders traditionally have a  higher duty cycle at the same time as the ability to feed a wider range of stock based on their paper feeding mechanism not relying on a feed tire to pick, seperate and feed the sheets in.


If you are folding small quatities of silk, satin or semi-gloss paper you may be able to use a friciton feed folder but the process may not be seamless. When attempting this it is recommended to ensure the feed rollers and fold rollers are clean. Using water and a soft brush or cloth ensure that the rollers have a dull matte look instead of a sheen will provide the optimal condition for the folder to work.